Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Short Track Series #4: Back on big wheels

   For the first winter short track race I had a strong showing on a 29er rigid single speed (in the SS class).  I missed race #2 because of a conflict with the final NCCX races.  For race #3 I rode a full suspension 26" bike.  It was very nimble through the tight sections and floated over the roots and rocks.  My form was a little off and I struggled in the Expert (CAT 1) field.  This week I was back on a 29er.  My awesome team was kind enough to let me race a Tomac Flint 29.  It's an amazingly light hardtail.  They mounted some fast rolling Vee Rubber tires on some American Classic wheels and it was off to the races.  Since it had gears, I was back racing with the big dogs in the CAT 1 field.
   I felt pretty comfortable on this bike immediately.  All of my laps were within 9 seconds of each other.  Each lap I made an effort to concentrate on hitting my marks and being smooth and in the correct gear.  I suffer up the gravel road, through the parking lot, and do it again.  I actually got to race with a pack of 3 to 4 racers taking turns leading and drafting.  In the end I wound up 9th, but at least I was in the ballpark this week.
   Next week I should be able to unveil my secret weapon as I should have my new bike by then.

See you for the season finale! 

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