Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Short Track Series #5. Debut of Stealth

I skipped Winter short track Series race #2,  So race #5 marked my fourth race of the series and 4th different bike raced.  Like all the other bikes I raced, I had never raced this one before either.  In fact I had just picked up the bike from CycleWorks in Mt. Airy and it was too cold to do much test riding.  Which was my excuse on Sunday.  I did manage to get a test lap in before my race.  It was one of the laps where you can't help but smile.

This was my first time racing on my new American Classic 29er Race wheels.  They are a bit wider with a redisigned a beed lock.  The are super light and snappy.  The extra width of the rim allows the tire to conform to the trail a bit better - making my Vee Rubber V12 1.95 tires grip like wider tires but still roll super fast. 

The bike itself weighs in under 21lbs. in full race trim.  The stealth color scheme, offset by the white cables, white Hayes Stroker Grams, and RavX seatpost and stem drew many compliemts.  The bike just LOOKS fast.  ...until you pick it up.  Then it looks and FEELS fast.  ...until you ride it.   Then you know it's fast!  I can't wait to race it for what I built it to race: 100 mile NUE races like Cohutta and Shenandoah. 

Next weekend, it's off to Greenville to mix it up with the leg shaving crowd at the Hincapie Spring Training Series.  How does it go from being winter short track racing one weekend to spring training the next?  ...I'll let you know.

See you on the trails! (except for Saturday when I'm in Greenville)

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