Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Short Track Series Race #1

The first race of the season is in the books.  I lined up with a field of 24 Single Speeders for a slightly shortened (to no ones complaint) 40 minute race.  Just to shake things up a bit from last season I decided to not have a terrible start.  I lined up in the 2nd row and got a decent jump going into the woods.  Normally that would be a good thing, but on SS it usually means you don't have a big enough gear.  Which I didn't, but it was pretty close.  I found a nice spot to settle in the lead draft.  I was still feeling pretty comfortable when the pack was reduced to just the four of us.  As we continued to work through the lap traffic, closing the gap and all the high rpm spinning on the pavement began to take it's toll.  I lost contact with the 3 off the front.  I soloed home to a "comfortable" 4th place finish.

Tomorrow is my deadline for a team decision.  While I am still without a firm decision I do have a little more direction.  I am blessed to have so many really good choices.  Now if I could just make a decision on my coaching...

See you on the trails!

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