Friday, January 13, 2012

The 2012 race season begins! Winter short track series preview.

 The five race Winter Short Track Series starts this Sunday, January 15th.  This event is significant for me because it marks the four year anniversary of my first bike race ever.  I started in Beginner Men 40+.  I had done a little bit of road riding and precious little MTB riding at that time.  I started in the rear of the field.  I was just about too nervous to pedal by the time we rolled off.  I survived and had a heck of a good time.  Through the years I've raced Beginner, Sport, Single Speed and Expert.  I raced 26" hardtail, 26" full suspension, 29er hardtail and 29er full suspension.  At times I've opted for a cyclocross bike in both geared and ss classes.  I've raced in the warm and the cold, wet or dry and even snow and ice.  One thing has never changed though: it's always an incredibly intense 30, 45, or 60 minutes of racing.   Just when I think, "I can't do one more lap" I hear Neal call out "Three laps to go!" and I think "...I can do three more laps" and I do.

And so can you.

A lot of things may be changing for my 2012 season.  I still have a lot of questions I have left unanswered and although I am not training specifically for results in Sunday's race I will be there, no matter the weather, on a rigid SS going 1/2 heartbeat BVT (Below Vomit Threshold).

See you on the trails!

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