Friday, May 20, 2011

Next up: Trans-Sylvania!

Well, I've entered my first MTB stage race.  At 7 days of racing it is America's longest Mountain Bike stage race.  It was a rather large commitment of both time and finances.  I have no idea of how I will stack up against the competition.  The racers are from all over North America.  It will be all new terrain for me but I will be in a class that fits my age group and ability (Solo Male 40+).

I've been more than amusingly busy at work but I've managed to get some pretty tough training in.  In order to get long rides in during the week I'd get up before 4:00am to get on the bike before work then get some more miles in after work.  Repeat. 

With the first stage 1 week away there will be less miles but I still have time to get in a couple of races for some intensity training.  The Southern Classic Series races at White Water Center on Sunday then the Charlotte MTB Series races at Col Francis Beatty on Wednesday.

See you on the trail!

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