Saturday, May 28, 2011

Looking forward to Trans-Sylvania

Tomorrow I make the 8 hour drive with the wife to State College, PA for the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  Having never done a stage race or even seen any of the trails in the area I really don't know what to expect.  I do like to set goals, though so these are some thoughts going into the race:

1.  Learn at every opportunity. Everything from nutrition to bike handling and recovery.  I will be around a lot of pro's and really fast guys (at least for a little while).   May as well soak it up.

2.  Finish.  Perhaps the main goal.  With all the rocky trails I'll need to ride smooth and focused to keep the bike intact.  I'll need to commit to proper recovery and preparation between stages to be ready for each stage.

3.  Have fun, relax and make friends.  After all, life's about people and relationships, not work and bikes.

4.  I have no idea (or control over) what the competition will be like but it would be super sweet to get on the podium sometime during the week.  I know I probably don't have the speed of many of my competitors, I compare much more favorably on endurance.  Perhaps later in the week I stand a chance...

Finally, no matter the results of the race I am immeasurably grateful to have a job that allows me the time and provides the finances to be able to attend; a loving wife to follow me and my bike all over the country; a God that loved me so much he sent his Son to die for me; and a country that provides me with freedom, safety and security.

See you on the trails! 

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