Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Four

While it was still hot and humid, the trails for stage four were a welcome change!  Today was a remote start on the Allgrippa's trail system at Raystown Lake.  These are purpose-built MTB trails and they are FAST.  There were miles of high speed whoops with the option of getting plenty of air.  There was very little mud, rocks or roots just fast flowy single track.  Of course you have to go up for every down, but the climbs were mostly in short punchy sections and the average speed was quite fast.

There were some shake-ups in the GC standings.  I actually outran some of the racers in other classes that had been beating me so I felt pretty good about that, but the guys in my class were on it and I lost a little more time on GC.  I finished a respectable 4th today and I am now about 2 minutes off the GC podium.

Tomorrow's stage is another remote start.  It will be 4 short races with the combined time counting for the stage standings.

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