Thursday, March 31, 2011

Warrior Creek preparation

I've been working extra hours all week to get caught up enough at work to be able to get off early to do some recon at Warrior Creek before race day.  The plan worked.  I'll get off at lunch Friday, get the bike ready and head to the trails.  There is also this race clinic at 6:00pm I may hang around for:

Anyone can attend, so come on out.  If you can't make it - I'll post the trail conditions Friday evening when I get back.

Training for this week has been pretty light because of WC, but I did manage to work some intensity into the schedule.  With the local trails being pretty much closed all week, I headed out to Orr Rd on Tuesday evening to do my first crit there.  Orr Rd is a small loop in an industrial park.  The surface is pretty smooth and the corners are wide.  The front stretch is half down hill, then back uphill.  The back stretch is similar but to a much lesser degree.  There must have been over 60 racers there.  It's pretty informal, so there are no separation of classes or categories.  Some people joined late and some fell out and jumped back in.  I played it pretty cautious, not knowing what to expect and not wanting to get hurt prior to the big race this weekend.  I finished with the pointy end of the pack, but felt like I could have gone faster most of the race.  I was surprised when I downloaded my Garmin and found the average speed for the race was over 27mph! 

See you on the trails.

If you listen real close you can hear Warrior Creek slowly drying out...

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